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Welcome to ProCards Printing

ProCards is a discount warehouse that prints the supplies used by professional models and actors at castings worldwide. You must be signing with an agency to use our services. Our $1 per card wholesale rate is only avaliable to agency models that are casting and auditioning on a regular basis. Working strictly with agencies, enables us to eliminate the set-up fee that many other printing companies charge. We offer the best bulk rate with the highest industry standards that all agencies expect.

Our quality, price, and customer service, beat copy stores by far. Every order that we receive, is sent to the model's agency for approval, before it is put to print. We ensure that every model's cards, matches their agency's requirements for color, logo, font, and design exactly.

ProCards Printing prints for many different agencies. Each agency has their own different style of card...color, logo, font, design. If you are signing with an agency, your agency will give you one of their model's cards as a sample as to how your cards should appear. Don't waste time and money with amatuer copy stores. Let us do the work! We will contact your agency for you, to ensure that your cards are exactly what they need to get you working in the industry. Working on a deadline? Deadlines are our specialty. Immediately upon receiving your order, we will contact your agency to ensure that they will hold your contract until your cards are completed. It's just easier with Procards. We make it simple to begin working in the entertainment industry.

Family Discounts: 1st Order Full Price, 2nd Order 50% OFF !       Order YOUR cards NOW !
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